HackerNest Calgary August Tech Social @ SkipTheDishes

14 Aug 2019
7:00pm - 10:00pm MDT

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NEW THING: 6:15pm Java Jam Session!!

At 6:15pm, we're doing an informal, pre-event "Java Jam Session" for Java devs to have coffee and trade stories. Share challenges, wins, advice, whine about compilers, bond. Then at 7pm, bam, you’re already at the Tech Social with new friends tweaked out on caffeine. Righteous.

Why Java? It's the SkipTheDishes team's forte.        ...also, puns.


*** The "official" Tech Social still starts at 7pm! ***

Finding the place


Skip's office can be tough to recognize, so we've included this handy-dandy instructopic to help you out! <3

And here's a fancy Google Streetview thingie you can play with.


Tech Socials

The fun, relaxed way to connect with the actually-supportive tech community. Show up, get a drink, chat up tech nerds. Easy.

Expert? Noob? Charming? Awkward? Doesn’t matter. Hang with pleasant people who get you. Meet sharp devs, designers, marketers, students, cofounders, friends, and everyone in between. Tech and non-tech folk from all backgrounds are welcome: we're 'safe space' for nerds. Strict no-dirtbag policy.


Rundown / Agenda

6:15pm - Java Jam Session! Whee!
7:00pm - register, get drink, chat up interesting people
7:30pm - announcements, sponsors*, SuperConnect**
7:45pm - more delightful conversations
9:59pm - retrieve Amulet of Yendor, high five volunteers, ciao

* Sponsors may provide friendly mentors to share career/professional advice. Pretty snazz if you're looking to improve your world.

** SuperConnect is a new, hyper-efficient thing we created to help you meet exactly who you want. You get 10 seconds to share who you are, who you want to meet, and one thing you care about. Simple, effective, and too quick to feel nervous (great for introverts). Participation optional, feedback is universally positive. Don't miss this.

Example: "Hi, I'm Pepito. I do DevOps at Future Shop and wanna find a cofounder for my AI-crypto-ML app for chihuahuas. Why? Because I freaking love chihuahuas."


What are Calgary Tech Social events all about? Everything you need to know is in the Tech Social FAQ. (click!)

Attendees (50)

14 Aug 2019
7:00pm - 10:00pm MDT

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  • SkipTheDishes Office (Suite 400, 402 - 11 Ave SE, Calgary)