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No casualties were reported at the April Tech Social, which means 'twas a great success! We're doing it again on May 14th. Pics or it didn't happen:

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5 6 7 8

1: Thanks for hosting, Skip!
2: public speaking = energy + caffeine
3: Note to self: wear brighter colors
4: Odd choice of TV background
5: SuperConnect in action - look at the guy on the right!
6: Community Partners ftw
7: Good photo for a caption contest
8: Fun times!

Smart apart, better together

Our tech industry is young, clever, and ambitious -- but also lonely, misunderstood, and unchecked. HackerNest brings us together so we can support each other, set standards, and guide towards good outcomes while avoiding the bad. Chill, unpretentious Tech Socials build true community -- members
(free! sign-up!) make friends, help each other, and discover new stuff -- together. Arrive, get a drink, chat, SuperConnect, chat. Easy.

Find solidarity, a voice, and friends to rely on right here in Calgary. We're mostly tech nerds, but all good people are welcome: expert, newbie, introvert, extrovert, tech, non-tech -- all levels, all backgrounds.

Strict no-dirtbag policy.


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